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Rajorshi Chakraborti is an Indian-born novelist, essayist and short story writer. He was born in 1977 in Calcutta, and grew up there and in Mumbai. He has also lived and studied in Canada, England and Scotland, and worked, between 2007 and 2010, as a lecturer in English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Edinburgh. He now lives with his family in Wellington, New Zealand.

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Rajorshi is the author of four novels, Or the Day Seizes You, Shadow Play, Balloonists and Mumbai Rollercoaster. Or the Day Seizes You was shortlisted for the Crossword Book Award in 2006, one of the best-known prizes for English-language writing in India, and has appeared in a Spanish translation entitled La Vida Que Nos Lleva. Shadow Play was originally published in 2008 by Harper Collins India under the title Derangements. Mumbai Rollercoaster received an 'honourable mention' in the Children's Writing category of the Crossword Book Awards, 2011.

Rajorshi has also published reviews, short stories and essays in several periodicals and anthologies, including Juggernaut, The Hindu, The Punch, TehelkaTurbine, Sport, Northeast Review, Earthen Lamp Journal, Antiserious, the Edinburgh Review, The Istanbul Review, Excess: The Tehelka Book of Stories, Why We Don't Talk, Too Asian, Not Asian Enough (An Anthology of New British-Asian Fiction), The Edinburgh Introduction to Studying English Literature, and The Popcorn Essayists: What Movies do to Writers.

Rajorshi's fifth book, Lost Men, was a collection of his short fiction, and was published in the Indian subcontinent by Hachette India in March 2013.

Rajorshi also belongs to the Write Where You Are (WWYA) Trust in Wellington, which aims to increase the accessibility of creative writing among groups that face barriers to participation in the arts. He is currently part of a team offering classes at the men's and women's prisons in the region.

Rajorshi's latest novel, The Man Who Would Not See, is due out in New Zealand and Australia with Penguin Random House in March 2018. It is available for worldwide pre-order here.

"Since his dazzling debut, Chakraborti has embarked on one of the most interesting career trajectories seen in recent times."
  - From a review of Lost Men in The Sunday Guardian, India.

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